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The killed LA Cocktails Examiner article [30 Jan 2013|03:41pm]

Examiner.com pulled this off the site after two days. I can see it, but no one else can. I also can no longer edit it. Still, it looks like it received 28 "Likes" before it left the world.

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my last article is here http://www.examiner.com/article/so-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-booze

please read it so I can get pennies

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Wyrd Con Companion Book [22 Dec 2012|05:04am]

The Wyrd Con Companion Book, a collection of essays on role-playing games, larps, interactive storytelling, MMORPGs, etc., is now available as a free PDF

I co-edited it, and Kirsten laid it out. I also have an essay inside. If you're interested in games of any kind, I recommend checking it out. It's free

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Distilled in the Southland; Greenbar Collective [30 Nov 2012|08:35pm]
One of my last cocktail articles is now up: Organic spirits. PLEASE READ
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chess tournament and cocktails tomorrow night [21 Oct 2012|02:57am]
The Spare Room's Black Tie Chess Tournament
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steampunk RPG scenario I wrote [17 Oct 2012|12:07pm]
I wrote it, Kirsten laid it out, uber Goober published it. It's at printers now. Pre-order here.
(Steampunk tabletop RPG scenario)
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Another LA Cocktails Examiner article, one of the few remaining in me [05 Oct 2012|12:30am]
Bowen's Whiskey
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The Glenlivet Scotch at Osteria Mozza [05 Aug 2012|03:16pm]
Enjoying The Glenlivet at Osteria Mozza
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The Dark Knight Rises with a Gotham Chill cocktail [19 Jul 2012|05:47pm]
Dark Knight cocktail, the Gotham Chill
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H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival - tickets on sale [11 Jul 2012|02:18am]
tickets are now on sale for the 2012 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® in Los Angeles - September 28 & 29 at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro. 
More info from the ticket site here.
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Templeton Rye Whiskey [09 Jul 2012|08:27pm]
Yummy new rye whiskey
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learn how to make great cocktails [15 Jun 2012|12:14am]
If your;e in LA and have an evening free, don't miss these great classes on making cocktails
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Nordic Larp Trip part 1/3: Fastaval [08 Jun 2012|06:44pm]

From April 2 thru April 17, 2012 I was overseas on a grand trip of two conferences associated with Nordic Larp. Below are my thoughts on them. This note is quite long, a lot happened and I have a lot to say about it.

Beyond the cut, it is longCollapse )

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help teach kids math with a larp? [05 Jun 2012|07:45pm]
Help an educational math game for Hollywood high schoolers?
I just launched a kickstarter campaign for an educational larp that we are running right now for an at-risk, low-income HS in Hollywood. The kids pretend to be record executives. They use math to sign artists, pair them with producers, book them into studios, etc. We can really use your help. If you can't donate, please consider sending the link along. This is for a nascent nonprofit company. Thanks!
The link is here: http://kck.st/Kb0aA1
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FREE online cocktail class! [04 Jun 2012|01:33am]
If you can pass this free online course, you will know at least as much as me, if not more, about mixed drinks and cocktails
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Wyrd Con 2012 [01 Jun 2012|03:47pm]
I have a $50 discount off a full attendee badge for WyrdCon, so it would cost you $39 to attend. I only have one, though. 

If you are interested, let me know. 
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I'M NOT DRUNK! (the video game) [16 May 2012|02:01am]
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possible larp? [28 Apr 2012|12:39am]
I am considering running a large larp event late 2012/early 2013. I have four ideas, and would like to gauge interest before I dedicate time and energy to one of them.

Replying to me is not an RSVP to play, just a general indication you would like to.
There is no guarantee that I will run the most-wanted choice, or in the time frame I indicated, or even if I run any at all.
Feel free to forward this on to others, or reply for someone else, a la, "my husband and I would both like to play"

All of these would likely be expensive. I don't know the exact cost, but probably $50 minimum, possibly over $100.

A large scale, high production value fantasy larp that takes place in H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands
I am thinking along the lines of Labyrinth of Jareth; something that is only run once a year but is a continuing story. It would likely last a full weekend.

A week-long Blade Runner larp
This would be an elaborate assassin game between replicants and humans, taking place all over Los Angeles at almost any time of day/night but concentrated on the weekend. PvP, essentially.

An overnight stay in a haunted house
This would be a small PC count (12 max), but I'd likely run it multiple times. I would strive to make it as immersive and terrifying as possible. There would be a few scenes in the week leading up to the overnight stay, but essentially a 24 hour larp.

A run of Starship Valkyrie, created by Christian Brown and Roselle Hurley
This would likely be a high tech, immersive run of the popular SF campaign. This would be the shortest of the larps, roughly 4-6 hours

All would take place in Southern California.
Of the above, only the Dreamlands larp would continue to be led by me. Of course Valkyrie is already a campaign. The other two are one shots.

Again, which of the above, if any, would you consider paying over $50 to play? No commitment, I am just surveying the potential player base.

If you don't like any of these ideas, larping in general, or my larps, please do not waste your time replying.
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Call of Cthulhu Dreamlands RPG campaign recap (Part 3) [27 Apr 2012|05:58pm]
This recap of a four-year Call of Cthulhu Dreamlands role playing game campaign has to be behind the cut.

Dreamland Recap, part 3 (final)

IV.      Lessons learned, the Future

a.     What I Learned

b.     Sequel?

V.    Lists

a.     Link to photos used in game

b.     List of Dreamlands music playlist

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Call of Cthulhu Dreamlands RPG campaign recap (Part 2) [27 Apr 2012|05:52pm]
This recap of a four-yearCall of Cthulhu Dreamlands role playing game campaign has to be behind the cut.

Dreamlands Recap (part 2)

III.  What happened in the campaign

a.     Prequel (The Dreaming Stone by Kevin Ross)

b.     Beginning with a bang and a painting changes an entire culture

c.     The Menagerie with a very special guest NPC

d.     Lemon Sails by Phil Frances

e.     To Oriab – PC death – The Raiders of the Lost Ark scenario

f.      The Redemption of Dylath-Leen

g.     The Oracle

h.     Ending in the Underworld

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(concludes in next post)
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